Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Overcoming Technology Fears

As an educator in a rural, Title 1 school district I strive to give my students all opportunities affordable to them. Technology is one of the top priorities of implementation for my kindergarten classroom. However, as you well know that the funds are not always conducive to our goals. Some of my worst fears of technology implementation are ‘something’ not working (whatever ‘something’ is) and the lack of knowledge to appropriately engage my students. The old saying ‘practice makes perfect’ applies so well with the practice of overcoming my fears of technology. I have found myself playing more and more when I am working on the computer and as a result learning more and more. This class has most definitely inspired, and lovingly forced me to step out on a limb and learn more about how technology can be used in the classroom to both develop activities and communicate with my parents and administration more efficiently. Some of what we have learned has been incredibly easy to use and very applicable to every aspect of what I do. I can’t wait for this summer when I will have more time to really get some of what we have learned applied to my classroom practices.


  1. That is the biggest problem facing most educational programs across the nation. There is not enough money to back anything, except what is more popular. Let’s face it, sports will always be the number one money grabber and schools pander to that all the times. That is why I like magnet schools. There is a specialty there. There are enough resources to teach with the style and more importantly, materials that are needed.

  2. Nancy,
    When you practice this summer and need someone to peak in on a blog or wiki or some application you're working with, feel free to email me. Practicing is always a great idea as we discussed in class last evening!