Thursday, March 12, 2009

Desktop Publishing, Movie Maker and Photo Story 3

Just about the time I think it can't get any better with what there is to offer out there in regards to technology something new comes along. To be honest I am a little familiar with publishing and movie maker, but still very much enjoyed playing around with both. Photo Story 3 is the new application that just 'wowed' me this time. After showing it to my family I began to think of all the possibilities is has. We'll talk more about that later.

Utilizing these skills empowers me in that I can communicate with my parents, colleagues, and administration more effectively. DTP is a tool I use almost every week to send classroom news to my families. It is easy to use and very effective because the options available to organize the information. Movie maker is fun to produce pictures and video slide shows coinciding with music for a personal effect. I hope to produce a movie by the end of the year as a gift to my students that include all the picture I have taken so far of their kindergarten year. But now that I've learned a little about Photo Story 3 I'm not sure which is the better way to go. It appears that Photo Story 3 allows you to personalize even more, but in shorter increments.

The use of Movie Maker, Desktop Publishing and such is expanding. The ability to use images, sometimes your own images, to produce a product allows the user to gain ownership, and in turn pride in their work. They are able to customize to their own specification using their creativity and imagination. In an educational setting this ability is very motivating and rewarding for the students.

These skills align with my vision in that the use of any technology is good for me to learn and utilize. However, these skills are particularly interesting because they are pertinent to obtaining and maintaining communication with parents. They allow me to personalize my message, and sometimes, give a souvenir of their child's educational experiences in my classroom.

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